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    • “Huasheng seemed to make the most sense. Their pellet press is very durable and high efficient. They run well for us. And we’ve produce a lot of wood pellets through them!”

        Chris Crowe
    • “There are a lot of challenges to run a successful wood pellets plant. But Huasheng provided a range of technical consulting, engineering, assembly&training and after-sales service, etc to us. They supported us to run a successful wood pellets plant finally. Thanks to Huasheng!

         Clayton Leonard
    • “Huasheng has been with us every step of the way, we worked our complete wood pellet plant for some time, and are now starting to see some of the real benefits from the pellets production. We confirm that it is correct to select Huasheng’s machines.”

        Dong Nguyen
    • “There are a lot of palm EFB at our area, but they are useless and take much space. We contacted with several suppliers and try to find the suitable solutions. Finally, Huasheng provided us a satisfied solution for our palm EFB. Their professional Palm Fiber cutter gave us deep impression. Under their technical guidance and on-site training, our staff can operate this Palm EFB Pellets Plant well now.

        Arif Abdy
    • “Wood pellets business today is so competitive that a company has to do everything it can to operate efficiently. The people who are looking at ways to save money and improve their operations are the ones that will be around a year from now. Huasheng’s wood pellet plant is productive, reliable and efficient — it fits with our strategy very well.”

        Charles Copley