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    Sawdust Producer


    ◆ Available Materials : wood logs, tree trunks, etc.
    ◆ Model : HS-SP200, HS-SP300, HS-PM400, HS-PM500, HS-SP600, HS-SP800, HS-SP1000
    ◆ Main Power : 37kw, 90kw, 150kw, 180kw, 220kw, 298kw, 354kw.
    ◆ Capacity : 5-80m³/h
    ◆ Application : Small to large-scale sawdust making production.

    • Introduction
    • Advantage
    • Technical Data
    • ◆ Huasheng Sawdust Producer is professionally designed to produce sawdust directly from wood logs. It is also called Chop Mill. The Chop
          Mill can produce sawdust with particle size 2-4mm or adjust to maximum 10mm by client’s demand.
      ◆ The capacity of Huasheng Sawdust Producer is from 15-80 m3/hour depending on the type of machine and raw material.
      ◆ The sawdust production process is just in one step without chipping and milling process. Compare with traditional way to produce
          sawdust from wood logs, the Chop Mill can obviously save much energy and daily running cost for the pellet&briquette plant. Currently,
          lots of European wood pellet producers have been changing and using the Chop Mill in their wood pellet plants, instead of drum chipper
          and hammer mill.
      ◆ Working Principle
          Huasheng Sawdust Producer adopts advanced design and shredding technology. The feeding system adopts full hydraulic fluid-power motor,
          which ensures that different size of wood logs can be smoothly fed into the machine. There are hundreds of alloyed knives fixed on the rotor.
          When wood logs are feeding into the machine, the high-speed rotating alloyed knives will chop them into sawdust size less than 4mm.


    • ◆ Advanced design,low consumption.Compare with traditional way to produce sawdust from wood logs, Huasheng Sawdust Producer
           can save approx.26kw power on per ton sawdust production.

      ◆ Save energy and daily running cost.
      ◆ High capacity&efficiency&stability.
      ◆ Take less floor space.
      ◆ Directly change wood logs into sawdust in one step.
      ◆ Widely use in biomass pelleting industry.
    •  Model  Crushing Width(mm)  Drive Power(kw)  Capacity (m³/h)  FeedingConveyor(m)  Weight(kg)
       HS-SP200  200*200  37  5-10  3.0  2500
       HS-SP300  300*300  90  15-20  3.0  3000
       HS-SP400  400*400  150  30-40  3.5  3800
       HS-SP500  500*450  180  40-50  3.5  4000
       HS-SP600  600*500  220  50-60  3.5  4800
       HS-SP800  800*700  298  60-70  4.8  5800
       HS-SP1000  1000*800  354  70-80  4.8  6700