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    Rotary-disc Type Shredder


    ◆ Available Materials : straw bales, wood residue, stump, straw and hay bales,
        carton box and paper, plastic, garbage, etc.
    ◆ Model :HS-DS2, HS-DS4
    ◆ Main Power : 37kw, 55kw
    ◆ Capacity : 2-4 tons/hour
    ◆ Application : Medium to large-scale shredding production.

    • Introduction
    • Advantage
    • Technical Data
    • ◆ Huasheng Rotary-disc Type Crusher is widely used to shred or crush wood residue, stump, straw and hay bales, carton box and
          paper,plastic, garbage, etc. The available maximum moisture of materials to be processed can be 60%. 
      ◆ It adopts rotary-type movable silo, hydraulic transmission feeding system, stepless variable speed control. Its rotary silo can
          automatically go up and down,it is very easy for maintenance. The blades adopt new movable structure, each blade can be used
          for four times by adjusting the angles, the fixed blade can be used by both sides and they greatly reduce the use cost.
      ◆ The capacity of Huasheng Rotary-disc Type Crusher is about 2-4tons/hour, depending on the type of machine and raw material.
    • ◆ Adopt advanced European technology for large capacity of industrial use.
      ◆ Reasonable structure, reliable performance, easy installation, operation and maintenance,
          large capacity, low power consumption.
      ◆ It can be customized for different demand and use.
      ◆ Soft-start system and overload protection in electrical cabinet.
    • Model HS-DS4
      Main Power 55kw
      Capacity 4 tons/hour (by wood)
      Rotation Speed of Main-shaft 615 r/min
      Quantity of Blades 128 pieces
      Maximum Size of Feeding Materials 150mm
      Mesh Size of Screen  20*20mm(The size of screen can be adjusted base on raw materials and capacity requirement)
      Size of Finished Products ≤ 20mm
      Volume of Rotary Hopper 2.3m³
      Rated Rotation Speed of Rotary Hopper 0-10 r/min
      Discharging Type Air-flow transportation(It is optional for transportation by Belt Conveyor)

      ◆ The maximum moisture of materials to be processed is up to 60%.
      ◆ The final capacity of this Rotary-disc Type Crusher mainly depends on the features(species, size, moisture) of raw materials,
          operation, maintenance, etc.
      ◆ We also have smaller capacity of HS-DS2 Model Rotary-disc Type Crusher. The main power is 37kw and capacity is about
          2 tons/hour.