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    Wood Pellet Mill


    ◆ Available Materials : wood waste, EFB(palm fiber), straw, rice husk, bamboo,
        sugarcane bagasse, etc.
    ◆ Model : HS-PM420, HS-PM508, HS-PM510
     Main Power : 90kw, 110kw, 132kw
     Capacity : 1-3 tons/hour
     Application : Medium to large-scale pellet production.

    • Introduction
    • Advantage
    • Technical Data
    • ◆ Ring Die Pellet Mill is used in medium to large-scale pellet production in biomass industry.
      ◆ Huasheng Pellet Mill has a modular design, and it can be adapted perfectly to diverse raw materials and

      ◆ They are widely used to process wood waste, EFB(palm fiber), straw, rice husk, bamboo, sugarcane
          bagasse,mushroom residue, forage grass, cotton residue, cassava, etc.

      ◆ The capacity of Huasheng Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Mill is from 1-3 tons/hour, depending on the type of machine
          and raw material.

      ◆ All Huasheng Pellet Mills have comprehensive standard and safety devices. This includes the permanent magnets,
          shear pins and overload protection, cooling system, soft-start system, safety switches and much more.

    • ◆ CE approved by SGS.
      ◆ Huasheng Pellet Mill adopts high-precision gear-drive structure.
      ◆ Ring Die adopts quick disassembly hoop design.
      ◆ Main parts adopt imported FAG bearings.
      ◆ Adopt international advanced horizontal compensation serpentine spring coupling.
      ◆ Adopt aerodynamic technology and current round principle, Huasheng invented a cooling system to match with Huasheng pellet mill. It is
          used to reduce the temperature in pelletizing chamber, which ensures the Pellet Mill can continuously work, protect the moulds, electric
          motor and parts all the time.(avoid high temperature).
      Strengthen the working intensity of main parts by materials selection, heat treatment and other  technologies, which ensure the machine can
          meet the pelletizing requirements of diverse biomass materials.
      ◆ Directly lubricate the main parts through main shaft without stopping the pellets production.
      ◆ Soft-start system and overload protection in electrical cabinet.

    • Model Main Power (kw) Inner Diameter of Matrix (mm)
      Capacity (ton/hour)
      Driving Mode
      HS-PM420 90 420 1-1.5 Gear
      HS-PM508 110 508 1.3-1.8 Gear
      HS-PM510 90 510 1.3-1.8 Gear

      ◆ The above capacity comes from 8mm biomass pellets production.
      ◆ The final capacity of Pellet Mill depends on the features of raw materials, operation and maintenance,etc.
      ◆ There are 2 rollers in the pressing chamber.