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    Vertical Pellet Press


    Available Materials : wood waste, EFB(palm fiber), straw, rice husk, bamboo,
        peanut shells, etc.
    Model : HSLH-55-508, HSLH-75-508
    ◆ Main Power : 55kw, 75kw
    ◆ Capacity : 0.6-1.2 tons/hour
    ◆ Application : Small to medium-scale pellet production.

    • Introduction
    • Advantage
    • Technical Data
    • ◆ Huasheng Vertical Ring Die Pellet Press is an energy-saving type professional biomass pelletizing machine. It is mainly used for medium
          to large-scale pellet production.
      ◆ It is widely used to process wood sawdust, EFB(palm fiber), straw, peanut shells, rice husk, Mushroom residue, bagasse, etc.
      ◆ The capacity of Huasheng Vertical Ring Die Pellet Press is from 0.6-1.2 tons/hour, depending on the type of machine and raw material. 
      ◆ There is a stationary ring die with a rotating roller shaft in the Huasheng Vertical Ring Die Pellet Machin, so that the rollers spin to force the
          materials through the holes of ring die which are then formed into pellets.  And the pellets produced by Vertical Ring Die Pellet Machine can
          be longer than other pellet machines.
      ◆ Features :
      ◇ Adopt variable frequency of motor for feeding, overload protection device.
      ◇ Adopt lightning protection cover for motor, include bearing seat.
      ◇ Automatically circulating lubrication by oil pump motor.
      ◇ Three sets of roller assembly are running. The length of finished pellets are controlled by cutters. Secondary forming by mould.
      ◇ Adopt Two-stage transmission and 100r/min(RPM) transmission speed. More reasonable transmission speed and 75kw variable
             frequency electric motor with large capacity.
      ◇ Adopt carbon steel moulds, long service-life, complete cast steel nose.
      ◇ Vertical ring die,feeding vertically,No-arching of raw materials.
      ◇ Stationary ring die, three rollers rotating, better for uniform materials distribution in holes of ring die.

    • ◆  Adopt High efficient belt and first-level gear transmission which ensure the maximum energy transfer.
      ◆  High capacity, reliable performance, low power consumption,simple operation, easy maintenance,etc.
      ◆  Widely use in all biomass pellets production.
      ◆  3-rollers running. It reduce the possibility of thermal expansion of moulds. And the distribution of pressure is more
           homogeneous. The output capacity is much higher than 2 rollers running.
      ◆  Adopt alloyed steel ring die which is made by international advanced technology and equipment with long service-life. It is able
           to produce smooth and high quality of pellets.
      ◆  It only needs to automatically lubricate the press one time per day.
      ◆  Adopt external circulation cooling for gear oil. It ensures the performance of lubircation for pellet press and get better lubrication
      ◆  The main motor adopts special high torque and load motor.And it is equipped with a separated motor cooling system. Therefore,
           the running temperature of this motor is lower than ordinary motor.
      ◆  Soft-start system and overload protection in electrical cabinet.

    • Model Main Power (kw) Inner Diameter of Matrix (mm) Capacity
      Driving Mode
      HSLH-55-508 55 508 0.6-0.7 Belt&Gear
      HSLH-75-508 75 508 1-1.2 Belt&Gear
       The above capacity comes from 8mm biomass pellets production.
       The final capacity of Pellet Press depends on the features of raw materials, operation and maintenance,etc.
       There are 3 rollers in the pressing chamber.