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    Airflow Dryer


    ◆ Available Materials : wood sawdust, sugar residue, straw, leaves, coconut shell, etc.
    ◆ Model : HS-QL500, HS-QL800, HS-QL1000
    ◆ Main Power : 15kw, 20kw, 25kw
    ◆ Capacity : 500-1000 kg/hour
    ◆ Application : Small or medium-scale drying production

    • Introduction
    • Advantage
    • Technical Data
    • ◆ Huasheng Airflow Dryer is used to process low and medium moisture of materials, it suitable for small capacity production.
          It is available to process wood sawdust, sugar residue, straw, leaves, coconut shell, etc.
      ◆ The capacity of Huasheng Airflow Dryer is from 100-1000kg/hour, depending on the type of machine and original moisture
          of raw material.
      ◆ Working Principle
          The wet material is placed into the pipe dryer. Hot air is generated at one end of the pipe and pulled through the pipe system
          by a fan, the material then leaves the dryer via a cyclone separator. Finally, the materials become dry and qualify for further
          pelletizing and briquetting production.

    • ◆ High thermal efficiency, large capacity, but low energy consumption.
      ◆ Convenient transportation and installation.
      ◆ Soft-start system and overload protection in electrical cabinet.
    • Model Power (kw) Capacity (kg/h) Floor Space (㎡)
      HS-QL500 15 500 10
      HS-QL800 20 800 20
      HS-QL1000 25 1000 30

      ◆ According to the features of different materials, the final capacity of dryer will be slightly changed.
      ◆ The above capacity is from ﹤35% moisture of sawdust and drying to 15% moisture.