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    Jumbo Bag Packing Machine


    ◆ Available Materials : wood pellets and other biomass pellets
    ◆ Model : HS-DB500
    ◆ Capacity : 3-7 tons/hour
    ◆ Application : Medium to large-scale pellet bagging production.

    • Introduction
    • Advantage
    • Technical Data
    • ◆ Huasheng Jumbo Bag Pellets Packing Machine is used to automatically weigh pellets and pack them into large sucks.
          It mainly consists of PLC quantitative control system(high precision sensor and high resolution control instrument), feeding
          system, electrical control system, frame,etc. It is mainly used in the fields of large pellet industry. 

      ◆ The packing range of Huasheng Jumbo Bag Pellets Packing Machine is between 500-1500kg/bag.

    • ◆ CE approved by SGS.
      ◆ Automatic weighing by PLC.
      ◆ Wide range of packaging.
      ◆ High precision and efficiency.
      ◆ Easy operation and maintenance.
      ◆ Widely used for medium and large capacity of compete pellet plant.

    • Model Packing Range (kg/bag) Capacity (bags/h)
      HS-DB500 500-1200 6